Monday, September 27, 2010

The Usefulness of Fake Certificates

Fake certificates can have plenty of uses. One of the many things one can do with these replicas is to show it off to all of their friends to brag as a joke. One can claim a lot of things in order to brag for a harmless joke. But one can use these certificates for other more useful things. One example would be people who have many offices who do not want to go through the hassle of asking for another copy of their certificate to hang on their wall. Doctors or lawyers are examples of such people. Instead of going through the trouble of contacting their school, all they have to do is present a copy of their real certificate and have copies of it made in order to put on their wall to ascertain people of their competence. Hanging fake certificates on walls is not really deception if you have a real degree on that certain subject.

Getting very good quality fake certificates that can pass for the real thing can be quite difficult. There are many people who offer the same deal but cannot back it with a believable copy. One reliable website which can supply fake certificates would be This website offers to make copies of several different things such as degrees, transcripts, and other sensitive documents. It is very hard to find quality replicas which are indistinguishable from the real thing. The website takes great care and will take some time before delivering their replica but it will be sure to be an exact duplicate of the real thing.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will a Fake Diploma Boost Your Confidence?

A person can still make a decent living without a college degree. However, this person has to work twice as hard as someone who has a diploma. Sure, that person could always go back to school to earn the degree or settle for any temp or minimum wage job. Still, wouldn’t it be better to just get a fake diploma, even if its just for fun and to tell people that you truly have accomplished things?

You may be qualified in person but not on paper

Once you gain experience from your previous jobs, you learn skills that can equip you for other jobs. Unfortunately, skills may equip you for the job but it won’t land you the job unless you have the proper credentials. You may have the proper know-how and determination but your future employer will not see the merit of this unless you actually get hired. Show your boss you are have the know how, even if its with a novelty diploma that you created yourself with the help of

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fake Transcripts that look Genuine

Paper storage room in a pulp and paper mill in...Image via WikipediaYour transcript of records can be duplicated within 72 hours with the same quality that your original transcript was created with. Here are 10 advantages of enlisting the best company for your duplicate or fake transcripts.

1. Your duplicate transcripts will look like the original. When put side by side with the original, you cannot identify the duplicate or vice versa.

2. You get excellent quality of the finished product. The original transcript has identical features as the duplicate.

3. The company has no malicious intent but to use the duplicate transcripts for gag purposes.

4. It offers affordable and inexpensive prices considering the high standards that are used in their creation. Because of the superior quality of the product, you get all your money’s worth.

5. All materials used are durable ensuring that the paper will not be ruined very easily.

6. You can place bulk orders if you want to.

7. You are allowed to edit and make suggestions before it is finally printed.

8. Shipping is conveniently provided and the integrity of the product while in route is ascertained.

9. Actual samples are shown for your perusal and eventual selection. You get a free hand from start to finish.
10. You are ensured of a 100% customer satisfaction rate. offers all these advantages and more. If you want the best duplicates for your Fake Transcripts, then select this efficient website.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Victims of Calamities Decide to Use Fake Degrees

Thunderstorms produce many hazards that put li...Image via WikipediaThunderstorms, floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and heavy rain downpour have destroyed lives and properties in the past. Memorabilia and important documents become consumed by nature’s revenge. Sometimes, man-made disasters arise from man’s negligence and the consequences are permanent. If you are a victim of such a calamity and you lost most of your important papers like diplomas, transcripts and the like, there is hope with fake degrees.

Ordering a replica of your destroyed documents

You can visit Diploma Center at to order a replica of your documents. Simply click the “order now button” and submit the necessary information such as the institution and type of fake degree you want a diploma or transcript for. You can also submit a scanned copy of another person’s diploma obtained from the same institution of interest. After giving the necessary information, you will be required to pay before your request will be processed. Even the arrangements for the payment will be arranged by Diploma Center, so you don’t have to worry about any hassles.

Requesting a correction for the documents

The designers of the documents want to make sure you receive a product that will meet your expectations. To do this, drafts or samples of the document will be sent to you prior to printing. You can request revisions until you are fully satisfied with the lay-out. You can also send e-mails to the customer service address for further queries and clarifications.

You don’t have to live with the desperation caused by calamity. More and more victims of calamities decide to use fake degrees in order to get back on their feet again. Let Diploma Center help you accomplish this.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Framed Diplomas for your Home and Office

A crowd of college students at the 2007 Pittsb...Image via Wikipedia
Graduating from college is one of the most important events in a person’s life. This is the reason why people often frame their diplomas to hang on their walls at home or in their offices.

These diplomas are a source of pride as well as a badge of honour. The only problem is that people only get one diploma when they graduate. This means that you will have to choose where you will hang it. If you want to hang it at home, then you won’t have another copy for your office. If you’ve ever had that problem, then you should check out They can make an exact replica of your diploma. In fact, anyone would be hard pressed to tell which ones are real diplomas and which ones are fake diplomas. Now you can have a diploma for your home and hour office. In fact, you can hang one in every room of your house if you wanted to.

Of course, many people graduated from college with a lot of help from their parents. Giving your parents fake diplomas to hang on their walls can be the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate the things that they’ve done for you. This will allow them to show off your diploma to their friends and relatives while you keep the original safe at your home. With the help of ND-Center, you can have a diploma in you wall at home, in your office, in your den and other places where you’d like to hang your badge of honour.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Using Fake College Degrees for Fun

Molecular Biology of the CellImage via WikipediaIf you’ve ever wanted a degree in astrophysics or molecular biology but certain circumstances in your life led you down a different path, then this is your chance to make your dreams come true. Well, at least part of it anyway. You can now have authentic looking fake college degree just for fun. You can hang it around your home or around your office just as a conversation piece or to play pranks on friends. If you are interested in owning your very own astrophysics degree, then check out They offer a wide array of fake degrees, certificate, awards and diplomas for fun and novelty uses. creates authentic fake college degrees using real materials during the production process. They can use the same type of paper with the same ink and the same texture as the ones used by the school of your choice. IN fact, they can even use the same kind of seals for your degree. If you’ve ever wanted a degree from Harvard or MIT, then ND-Center can create one for you. There are many novelty diplomas available out there but why bother with generic and boring fake degrees and you can have one that looks and feels exactly like the real thing? In addition to that, other replica’s usually purposely misspell the names of Universities and colleges or have unsightly watermarks that say “fake” or replica.” ND-Center only offers authentic looking, top quality fake degrees that will look perfect on any wall. This is your chance to finally own that molecular biology degree that you’ve always wanted.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Play Your Fake Degree Well

Whether you’re playing a trick on your friends or are just willing to check how well you can play the Academic dress for Masters in Singapore with d...Image via Wikipediapart, there are various ways to get a fake degree nowadays. Here are some things that might just help you look and sound a little bit more convincing.

Stick to a degree you know a lot about

If you want to play the role well, you must first have to be comfortable with it. Don’t choose a degree which you have absolutely no knowledge of. Stick to the course you know a lot about. This way, when your friends decide to test you, you have something to work on.

In case you decide to take it further, there are some materials on the internet you can read up on just to buff up the information you supposedly have accumulated from studying the course. After all, you can’t have too much information stored in your head.

Study the place where you supposedly graduated from

Find out some things about the place that supposedly issued you the diploma. You’re bound to meet someone or some people that came from the same school and school is usually a common topic to talk about. This way, you can participate in the discussion and prevent yourself from being found out.

Get an authentic looking diploma

To seal the deal with the fake degree, get yourself a really good, authentic looking diploma. Certain sites on the internet like issue excellent quality diplomas that are sure to pass any quality check. In fact, they can copy down the details of legitimate diplomas down to the paper, seals, watermarks and even the signatures. With such a proof, no one would dare question your credibility.

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