Monday, December 13, 2010

Important Tips for Successfully Using a Fake Diploma from

If you plan to use a fake diploma as part of a practical joke or to impress someone, you have to keep some things in mind. Like anything else that isn't on the level, you stand a chance of getting found out. Nothing ruins a joke faster than someone catching on and blowing your cover. Think on your feet and keep these tips in mind.

• Some people remember everything. If you're planning on using a fake college diploma to fool your colleagues at work, just remember that some people don't forget anything. If you had a conversation with someone and talked about never finishing college, and then you suddenly have a fake diploma displayed at your desk, they may remember and call you on it. Try to think back and remember anyone that you gave contradictory evidence to.
• Someone may very well tell you that they graduated from the same college, with the same degree. Depending on how far you plan to take your joke or deception, you have to come up with some stock answers for these scenarios.
• Get a realistic looking fake college diploma. You will not fool anyone with a generic looking diploma. Make sure that you get one that looks exactly like the real deal.

As you know, practical jokes and ruses require you to think fast if you want them to succeed. Don't present your fake diploma lightly if you want to have people fall for your joke or believe your story.
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