Friday, December 3, 2010

Putting that Co-Worker in Their Place with a Fake Certificate from

In the name of putting someone in their place with a practical joke, things can get pretty serious. Of course, you should never seek to really harm someone or cross the legal line, but you can take some steps, in good-natured fun to teach someone a lesson, or have a laugh. If you've got a co-worker who is a total braggart about his or her achievements and education, you can pull a fast one on them, with a little creativity and a fake college diploma or two (or three.)

Questionable Credibility

The people that pull the education card are usually the recent college graduate, or younger person who has to brag on their college education, since they haven't built up much experience or credibility. With a fake diploma, in hand you can teach them to stop dropping the name of their Alma Mater so much and get on with really knowing their stuff.

Here's the set up.

In a group setting, when your co-worker starts the whole bragging on his or her degree thing, you are going to get confrontational (without being mean), and say “Well if you graduated from that school, then what are all of these that arrived at my desk by mistake?” You'll then present the first fake college diploma that you bought, followed by a few more. Then watch 'em squirm.

The statue of Alma Mater by Lorado Taft on the...Image via WikipediaAll you need is to order those realistic looking diplomas with their name on it, and watch as they do double time trying to explain things. Let them in on the joke after a few minutes. In the future, you probably won't have to hear as many stories about their illustrious education.

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