Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Play Your Fake Degree Well

Whether you’re playing a trick on your friends or are just willing to check how well you can play the Academic dress for Masters in Singapore with d...Image via Wikipediapart, there are various ways to get a fake degree nowadays. Here are some things that might just help you look and sound a little bit more convincing.

Stick to a degree you know a lot about

If you want to play the role well, you must first have to be comfortable with it. Don’t choose a degree which you have absolutely no knowledge of. Stick to the course you know a lot about. This way, when your friends decide to test you, you have something to work on.

In case you decide to take it further, there are some materials on the internet you can read up on just to buff up the information you supposedly have accumulated from studying the course. After all, you can’t have too much information stored in your head.

Study the place where you supposedly graduated from

Find out some things about the place that supposedly issued you the diploma. You’re bound to meet someone or some people that came from the same school and school is usually a common topic to talk about. This way, you can participate in the discussion and prevent yourself from being found out.

Get an authentic looking diploma

To seal the deal with the fake degree, get yourself a really good, authentic looking diploma. Certain sites on the internet like issue excellent quality diplomas that are sure to pass any quality check. In fact, they can copy down the details of legitimate diplomas down to the paper, seals, watermarks and even the signatures. With such a proof, no one would dare question your credibility.

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