Friday, September 17, 2010

Fake Transcripts that look Genuine

Paper storage room in a pulp and paper mill in...Image via WikipediaYour transcript of records can be duplicated within 72 hours with the same quality that your original transcript was created with. Here are 10 advantages of enlisting the best company for your duplicate or fake transcripts.

1. Your duplicate transcripts will look like the original. When put side by side with the original, you cannot identify the duplicate or vice versa.

2. You get excellent quality of the finished product. The original transcript has identical features as the duplicate.

3. The company has no malicious intent but to use the duplicate transcripts for gag purposes.

4. It offers affordable and inexpensive prices considering the high standards that are used in their creation. Because of the superior quality of the product, you get all your money’s worth.

5. All materials used are durable ensuring that the paper will not be ruined very easily.

6. You can place bulk orders if you want to.

7. You are allowed to edit and make suggestions before it is finally printed.

8. Shipping is conveniently provided and the integrity of the product while in route is ascertained.

9. Actual samples are shown for your perusal and eventual selection. You get a free hand from start to finish.
10. You are ensured of a 100% customer satisfaction rate. offers all these advantages and more. If you want the best duplicates for your Fake Transcripts, then select this efficient website.
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