Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Tell a Good Fake College Degree from a Bad One

It’s easier than you might think to spot a fake degree. Some fake degrees are just as fake as the school they purportedly come from.

Online schools, also known as diploma mills, offer people all sorts of degrees by completing relatively simple tasks and paying hundreds of dollars. These schools give out a real looking fake degree that people actually believe they’ve earned. But these degrees are just as fake as the ones that can be purchased by companies that produce authentic novelty degrees.

There is one important difference, however. Most people, even under close examination, will not be able to tell the difference between a quality fake online diploma and a real one. However, you don’t even have to actually see the diploma from a bogus school to know it’s worthless.

Companies that produce fake diplomas sell them for novelty purposes only, and not so someone can misrepresent themselves to a prospective employer or school. However, fake universities know what they are doing and often set up fake accreditation institutes so that they appear real even when they are not.

What about the legality of fake diplomas? Fake diplomas, by themselves, are not illegal. But if you use them incorrectly, that can be illegal. Many people use them as gags and hang them on their walls for fun. As long as the fake diploma is used as a novelty and gag, there is no misrepresentation or illegality involved. It’s just like carrying around a fake Gucci bag that you know is fake. If you want to purchase a fake diploma, it is a good idea to research your local laws to determine what the proper uses are for it.

What about the legality of diploma mills? These online schools, in many states, are legal, but not necessarily legitimate. What that means is that it is not illegal for them to “sell” these degrees, but that doesn’t mean that anyone is actually going to recognize the diploma you get from such schools.
Oregon, for example, has stringent laws that do not allow unaccredited schools from operating there. However, others states are not as stringent.