Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Fake Replica Diplomas from ND-Center have Arrived

So you purchased your fake replica degrees from! What’s next? You have got to figure out how to convincingly talk about your fake university documents to prospective employers. This will also come in handy when you are networking!

The main part of the interview starts when the recruiter begins talking about the organization and the position for which you are interviewing. This will be followed by questions regarding your college experience:

Many times recruiters will ask why you chose the major you did as well as what your career goals are. This is a good time to flash your fake documents and replica diplomas. These questions are supposed to determine your goal direction. Employers want employees with purpose and motivation. This can be demonstrated by your answers to these college-related questions.

It’s important to think about what the recruiter is trying to find out about you by asking certain questions. For example, if you are asked to discuss a time when you had a conflict with a peer, keep in mind that the recruiter is looking for someone who is confident about his or her own beliefs, but open to other people’s ideas as well. Most of the time, he or she is looking for collaboration and compromise. Prepare some anecdotes about your time in school on the subjects of conflict, teamwork, goal-accomplishment, and so forth. Give them specific examples and walk them through the scenarios, step by step. A good story telling technique is a huge plus when interviewing because it keeps the recruiter interested. Provide the essential background information and get to the point!

Study up for your interview! Fake college documents are no good unless you can expound about your “university experience!”
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Fake Diploma With a Purpose from

While the purpose to buy fake college diploma may be to land a high-paying salaried job, don’t neglect the prospect of the internship! Internships are a great way to gain valuable job experience, technical skills, and network! Most of the time they are simply a way of testing an individual to see if they would make a good permanent hire. If you just received your authorized fake college diploma and are lacking in proper job experience, it is often expected that you will have completed an internship or two during your time at college or directly afterwards.

Landing an internship is easy. The Internet has all kinds of tips and information on writing proper resumes, cover letters, and interview techniques. Particularly with internships, employers are more interested in seeing current transcripts. Our quality fake documents make a great addition to your total employment package!

Internships are different than jobs in that almost all businesses and organizations are willing to bring on an intern--it’s very little risk for them! The trick is providing a convincing background and solid interview for the employer you have in mind. Bring your phony diplomas with you to your interview, and be prepared to talk about your time in college, some subjects relevant to your major and the company, and extracurricular activities.

Remember! Your authentic novelty degrees should be used for a variety of different networking and job-seeking needs. Even though interning at times is not the most luxurious position to be in, you will gain invaluable experience and strengthen your future job prospects.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Attend Career Fairs with a Novelty Diploma from

Interviews are not the only place you will have a chance to show off your online fake university transcripts from You must be proactive in your job search! With your resume and fake diploma that looks real in hand, consider attending a few career fairs. We have a few tips for you for an optimal career fair experience.

First, before you even attend the fair, consider the various reasons it will be a positive experience. You’ll get the chance to look for a new job or internship. You’ll network. You’ll learn about the various companies and organizations out there. You’ll exercise those valuable communication skills. If you want to go in with a little extra confidence, make sure to bring your fake college degree with you!

Second, do research! Visit the Career Fair website to find out which companies and organizations will attend. Review employer websites to determine which ones you are interested in talking to.

Third, come up with a simple script. Make sure you can talk about your fake college diploma details (your major, some names, etc.). Also be able to say a few short sentences about your past job experiences and why you are right for that company.

Keep your eye on our blog for more steps to utilizing your qualifications in your job search!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fake High School Diplomas and Degrees Available at

When you order fake college degree or a fake high school degree from the ND Center, it is essential that you put some thought into the “major” you supposedly focused on--as well as the general subjects that you have studied.

Start with what you know. What subjects do you like? What subjects can you easily converse about? If you are trying to convince someone your fake college diploma in Politics is real, are you able to discuss political matters and reference well-known sources?

The economy is an important factor in deciding what major to align with your replica diplomas. However, is also always changing and difficult to predict. Many jobs that exist today will be performed differently four years from now --or may even be obsolete! New types of jobs are emerging every year, and geography always plays a role in what is available. When choosing your fake diploma’s major, you might consider something like generic like “English” or “Sociology.” The most important thing in your interview is being able to relate general transferable skills, like writing, speaking, computer skills, critical-thinking, and teamwork. These are highly valuable to any career.

Finally, although your chosen major will not necessarily limit you to any one career field, you can always decide that buying fake transcripts more in line with different jobs you are interested in!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fake University Degree from ND Center Propels You Ahead

A fake university degree from the ND Center is a great way to enhance your prospects at employment. While a fake diploma or fake degree transcripts will go a long way in setting you apart from the competition, it is best used as part of a package of credentials --namely, a brilliant cover letter and well-conceived resume.

Here are some tips for writing the best possible cover letter to use with your fake college degree made for you:

1) Address your cover letter to a specific individual, whenever possible. If you take the time to find out the person’s name who will be reading your application, you are showing you are deeply interested.

2) Make it brief - one page or less. You need to concisely capture your employer’s attention.

3) Demonstrate enthusiasm for the position. Do not use overused cliches!

4) Show you have done your homework, emphasizing why you want to work for this organization.

5) Encourage the reader to take a closer look at your resume, but do not simply restate what is on your resume.

Along with a custom made fake diploma, a clear, organized cover letter will make your application stand out!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Social Network with your Novelty Diploma from ND Center

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! That maxim is true--to an extent. While your phony diplomas and fake transcripts are important documents in the job hunt, nothing helps your career along like having an established social network. In this blog post, the ND Center wants to demystify this important job requirement.

Networking is using and discovering connections between people. It demands that you move beyond your immediate social network and tap into other people’s networks. This involves approaching people in both formal and informal settings, such as at a conference or presentation, or even at a family party. Networking can allow a person to explore a field of interest, as well as lead to job opportunities. Informational discussions with professionals can also help an individual narrow an area of interest and choose a career path. Furthermore, job searchers can use networking to receive information about job openings, make contacts, get referrals, and better their interviewing skills.

An estimated 60-80% of jobs are found informally through networking with direct or indirect contacts such as friends, relatives, and alumni. Even though you may not have had the full college experience and are trying to get by on online fake degree certificates, you will still find unlimited potential in close social networks. During periods of economic difficulty, networking --along with a fake degree --is an essential way to improve one’s job search and increase the probability of finding a job.

With our high quality, authentic novelty diplomas in hand, don’t be afraid to get out there and socialize!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Diploma from Helps Job Seekers

We at the ND Center don’t have to tell you that it’s hard to find a job right now. That’s why we’re here to help! Not only can we provide identical fake degrees, we also have some tips for resume writing. Follow these easy steps and your resume --in conjunction with a high quality fake college degree--might be just what you need to get your foot in the door!

1) Analyze job descriptions and draw out key words: This is perhaps the most important part of resume writing. When you set out to write your resume, keep the job description nearby and constantly refer back to it. Make sure you quote specific phrases to show that you have exactly what it takes to get the job done!

2) Prioritize relevant content: Another big mistake that job seekers make is to list very important data in the lower sections of their job descriptions. As you compile statements for your resume, prioritize them by importance, impressiveness and relevance to the job you want. Don’t forget to put the name of an impressive school at the top, and buy a fake certificate to support it!

3) Use attention-grabbing design: Employers have to sift through hundreds of resumes for single job openings. How many of those are going to be in dull Word document templates? Try designing your own template, use a bold font, try an impressive headline --stand out!

Keep your eye on our fake diploma blog for more tips on getting employed!
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