Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Buy a College Degree for the Wrong Reasons

We know what you’re thinking. Are there correct uses for a fake diploma?

Of course there are! There are plenty of advantages of fake university certificates, including simply using them as a gag. It you’re wondering how online fake degrees can help you, and then read on.

While there are some people who will misrepresent themselves to employers, which is frowned upon in most circles, there are ways to use a fake diploma that are completely acceptable. Many people, for a variety of reasons including family tragedies, are never able to complete their degree. Should nearly four years of school go to waste simply because you were forced to quit school and go to work to take care of your family? In this case, it could boost someone’s self-esteem to have that well-earned diploma on their wall.

A fake diploma can also come in handy when you own a business. Say you’ve been operating your business successfully for years. You could probably run your own business school, but your potential customers are still going to someone else because they have a diploma hanging from their wall. If you’re already a whiz at business and hanging a diploma in your office will make others feel good, why not?

However, there is a difference between buying a fake diploma and buying a fake education from a fake university. Believe it or not, several fake online schools misrepresent themselves as real schools, and for an enticingly low fee, hand out what unsuspecting consumers believe are real diplomas.

Here’s a quick online fake universities inside look. The schools appear real. Their websites are slick and claim you can get a degree from “life experiences.” We found one in which you can get a bachelors degree for about $550. Many real schools charge that amount per course, not for an entire degree. Fake schools even appear to be accredited. They offer courses, which are graded, or ask you to write an essay and in return, you get a degree.

Unfortunately, these schools are fake and the diplomas they hand out are also fake. Actually, they are worse than fake, because people who know better will immediately recognize them as coming from a bogus school. These diploma mills prey on unsuspecting people who are desperate for a degree.