Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will a Fake Diploma Boost Your Confidence?

A person can still make a decent living without a college degree. However, this person has to work twice as hard as someone who has a diploma. Sure, that person could always go back to school to earn the degree or settle for any temp or minimum wage job. Still, wouldn’t it be better to just get a fake diploma, even if its just for fun and to tell people that you truly have accomplished things?

You may be qualified in person but not on paper

Once you gain experience from your previous jobs, you learn skills that can equip you for other jobs. Unfortunately, skills may equip you for the job but it won’t land you the job unless you have the proper credentials. You may have the proper know-how and determination but your future employer will not see the merit of this unless you actually get hired. Show your boss you are have the know how, even if its with a novelty diploma that you created yourself with the help of

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