Monday, November 7, 2011

Novelty Degree Certificates: What Are They & Why Should I Care?

A novelty degree certificate is any college of high school diploma you can order from any online or brick-and-mortar store not associated with a real college or university. In other words, it’s a fake degree whose purpose is for novelty only.

You should know that if you order a fake diploma, this is far different than obtaining an online college degree from an unaccredited university. Both certificates will be fake, the only difference is, unaccredited online colleges and universities present themselves as true institutions of higher learning and scam people into believing they are earning a real diploma. In fact, they are receiving a sometimes expensive piece of worthless paper.

Every site that sells fake diplomas should have a disclaimer for a fake degree. They’ll say something like this: All the items sold on this site are meant to be used as novelty items and not for any illegal purpose.

The company that sells the product is not responsible for any misuse of the product. Such misuse, such as fraud or misrepresenting yourself in an employment setting is usually condemned by reputable vendors. Basically, it is not illegal to produce fake items, but it could be illegal (depending on local laws) to use a fake item and present as real. It’s the same as trying to sell a fake Gucci purse as real.

There are, however, perfectly legitimate reasons to order a fake diploma. Anything from a gag gift to replacing a lost or damaged diploma is an acceptable reason to order a fake degree. With that in mind, there are fake degree resources you should take advantage of if you are in the market for a high-quality replacement diploma—or simply want to play a trick on a friend using a certificate that could fool just about anyone.

Not all fake diploma vendors create the type of diploma that’s actually worthy of hanging on your wall. Some say “novelty” or “replica” right on the front. What’s the fun in that, if one look will tell anyone that your novelty diploma isn’t real? Other companies only offer certificates that have obvious misspellings in them. If you need a duplicate of a lost diploma, be certain that the company you are ordering from creates precise replicas of your missing document. That’s why so many people opt instead to look for companies that pride themselves on creating realistic product.

Before ordering from any vendor, check out the sitemap fake university degree so you can find the information you need.