Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Authentic Fake Transcripts

A transcript is the official record or documentation of a student’s academic work. An academic transcript is proof of a student's accomplishments and work towards course study and includes information about courses or classes completed, official grades as well as grade-point average. This information can provide a reflection of how well the student did and how quickly it progressed through their courses. Potential employers and graduate level educational institutions will often request copies of a student’s official transcripts as proof that they have obtained degrees they are claiming they have or that they have taken certain coursework that may be required for a job or new position.
The transcript will also provide proof that the student graduated. Fake transcripts can be obtained for basically any type of academic accomplishment that a student has completed at any level from secondary school to undergraduate work as well as the graduate level.
For secondary education or as otherwise called high school, which is typically grades nine through 12, the official transcript will reflect the grades that have been earned for each course. If a class was taken with the pass or fail option then the transcript will simply reflect a grade of P or F. the graduation date and the name of the educational institution is typically also on the document. If the student seeks post secondary education or college they will receive a separate transcript from that organization documenting their coursework forward their degree.
Some students will start out working on a two-year or Associates Degree and then progress on forward a bachelor's degree from a four-year university or college. Most college students will find that authentic fake transcripts can provide a detailed recording of their coursework over the entire four-year program and throughout their education.
It is of vital importance that students keep an official copy of their high school and college level transcripts because they never know when they might be needed. In most cases a photocopy of a transcript is not acceptable to employers or institutions of higher learning. They will usually require an official transcript copy mailed directly from the college to them or one that has their official seal on it. Because it can take some time to obtain an official transcript that is why it is a good idea to keep one on hand if you think it might be needed in the future.