Monday, November 22, 2010

Fake Degrees from for Networking Contacts

There are people, important people that can help your career, who may not want to give you the time of day if you don’t have the right pedigree. What this means for most of us is; no college degree and you’re out of the loop. Now, you may be in the process of getting your degree, or maybe you just never had the chance to get one. Neither of these should mean you’re on the outs with people, but often times they do.

A Fake Diploma can Help

Since powerful, influential business contacts can be so important, you need to do what it takes to get them established. Having a phony diploma can get your foot in the door, where other attempts might fall flat. People who are concerned about your education level usually just need to see a diploma one time to warm up to you.

Once you get in with these kinds of folks your professional life can skyrocket. With the way things are now, you can’t afford to not network. The lack of a real diploma shouldn’t hold you back. Getting a fake degree can be just the ticket to make some serious business connections.

Having all the right skills and experience, doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be impressed with your credentials. There are some folks that simply need to see that piece of paper to rest assured that you know what you’re talking about. Getting an imitation degree may be your best bet for impressing and connecting with these kinds of people.

Business competition can be tough and getting an edge through networking with plugged in professionals may make it necessary to get a diploma for a degree that you may not have earned. Just because you don’t have the legitimate degree, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these kinds of opportunities for networking.

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