Friday, September 3, 2010

Using Fake College Degrees for Fun

Molecular Biology of the CellImage via WikipediaIf you’ve ever wanted a degree in astrophysics or molecular biology but certain circumstances in your life led you down a different path, then this is your chance to make your dreams come true. Well, at least part of it anyway. You can now have authentic looking fake college degree just for fun. You can hang it around your home or around your office just as a conversation piece or to play pranks on friends. If you are interested in owning your very own astrophysics degree, then check out They offer a wide array of fake degrees, certificate, awards and diplomas for fun and novelty uses. creates authentic fake college degrees using real materials during the production process. They can use the same type of paper with the same ink and the same texture as the ones used by the school of your choice. IN fact, they can even use the same kind of seals for your degree. If you’ve ever wanted a degree from Harvard or MIT, then ND-Center can create one for you. There are many novelty diplomas available out there but why bother with generic and boring fake degrees and you can have one that looks and feels exactly like the real thing? In addition to that, other replica’s usually purposely misspell the names of Universities and colleges or have unsightly watermarks that say “fake” or replica.” ND-Center only offers authentic looking, top quality fake degrees that will look perfect on any wall. This is your chance to finally own that molecular biology degree that you’ve always wanted.

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