Monday, November 29, 2010

Using a Fake Diploma? Make Sure you do it Right

There are lots of legal uses for a fake diploma. If you’re a practical joker, you can probably think of at least a dozen great gags you could pull off with a phony diploma. Other uses include impressing someone, staying motivated while earning your real diploma, and literally dozens of other scenarios. No matter what reason you might use a fake college diploma for, you have to keep some very important things in mind, if you want your story to hold water.

Know Something About the School

If you get an imitation diploma from a particular school, you should at least know a few facts about the school. Imagine trying to pull of a joke where you need the other person to believe you graduated from a local college. The person seems to be buying the story andA. Escobar's Souther school of Photography dip...Image via Wikipedia is impressed with your diploma, when suddenly they ask about the college football team’s mascot. You’d look a little silly if you didn’t know how to answer them, and you could even blow your joke entirely. Make sure that you know the basic facts about any school that you get a diploma from. If you don’t you could get a fast education on how to not plan a good practical joke.

Keep Quality in Mind

There are some pretty horrendous looking fake degree providers. Some of the products they sell look so corny and made up that you would never get anyone to believe they are real. Using a fake document means getting something that looks as close to the real thing as possible. Make sure that you know what you’re looking for and choose a supplier that can make you realistic fake certificates or diplomas. The knock-off, cheap ones can be spotted a mile away. Whatever you do, stay away from these if you want to be believable.
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