Monday, November 29, 2010

Using a Fake Diploma? Make Sure you do it Right

There are lots of legal uses for a fake diploma. If you’re a practical joker, you can probably think of at least a dozen great gags you could pull off with a phony diploma. Other uses include impressing someone, staying motivated while earning your real diploma, and literally dozens of other scenarios. No matter what reason you might use a fake college diploma for, you have to keep some very important things in mind, if you want your story to hold water.

Know Something About the School

If you get an imitation diploma from a particular school, you should at least know a few facts about the school. Imagine trying to pull of a joke where you need the other person to believe you graduated from a local college. The person seems to be buying the story andA. Escobar's Souther school of Photography dip...Image via Wikipedia is impressed with your diploma, when suddenly they ask about the college football team’s mascot. You’d look a little silly if you didn’t know how to answer them, and you could even blow your joke entirely. Make sure that you know the basic facts about any school that you get a diploma from. If you don’t you could get a fast education on how to not plan a good practical joke.

Keep Quality in Mind

There are some pretty horrendous looking fake degree providers. Some of the products they sell look so corny and made up that you would never get anyone to believe they are real. Using a fake document means getting something that looks as close to the real thing as possible. Make sure that you know what you’re looking for and choose a supplier that can make you realistic fake certificates or diplomas. The knock-off, cheap ones can be spotted a mile away. Whatever you do, stay away from these if you want to be believable.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fake Degrees from for Networking Contacts

There are people, important people that can help your career, who may not want to give you the time of day if you don’t have the right pedigree. What this means for most of us is; no college degree and you’re out of the loop. Now, you may be in the process of getting your degree, or maybe you just never had the chance to get one. Neither of these should mean you’re on the outs with people, but often times they do.

A Fake Diploma can Help

Since powerful, influential business contacts can be so important, you need to do what it takes to get them established. Having a phony diploma can get your foot in the door, where other attempts might fall flat. People who are concerned about your education level usually just need to see a diploma one time to warm up to you.

Once you get in with these kinds of folks your professional life can skyrocket. With the way things are now, you can’t afford to not network. The lack of a real diploma shouldn’t hold you back. Getting a fake degree can be just the ticket to make some serious business connections.

Having all the right skills and experience, doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be impressed with your credentials. There are some folks that simply need to see that piece of paper to rest assured that you know what you’re talking about. Getting an imitation degree may be your best bet for impressing and connecting with these kinds of people.

Business competition can be tough and getting an edge through networking with plugged in professionals may make it necessary to get a diploma for a degree that you may not have earned. Just because you don’t have the legitimate degree, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these kinds of opportunities for networking.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fake Diploma Gag for Big Shots, From

We all have those people in our lives that know EVERYTHING. You can't have a discussion without them taking over and being the boss. If you get a fake certificate on a topic, you can have some real fun with these windbags. First, you have to find a topic or industry that you can get a realistic fake certificate or diploma for, and then you simply have to strike up a conversation with your resident expert. Of course, they'll naturally take of the conversation and try to be the expert. This time, though, you are going to drop your knowledge on the topic, even if it's all made up.

More than likely an argument will ensue, and you just need to end the heated discussion by telling your know-it-all friend that you happen to be a certified expert on the topic anOrdenqueztal diplomaImage via Wikipediad even have a diploma to prove it. If you're lucky, your friend will not believe you and will require proof. Now you get to use your fake diploma to win the argument. Simply invite your friend over to your desk or home, where you'll have your realistic novelty diploma, prominently on display.

Your expert buddy will probably be a bit humbled and embarrassed at this point. You should probably follow up and offer to teach them more about your area of expertise, just to rub it in a bit. I don't know the exact response you'll get, but it's guaranteed to be funny and just may teach your friend to shut up during conversations every now and then.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Using Fake College Degrees from for Motivation

To be successful, you need the right motivation. Some people use old pictures of themselves, when they were slim, to provide motivation on a diet. You can use that same principle to help you get your degree. Lots of people are balancing college educations with professional and family commitments, and the thought of finally getting to that coveted degree can sometimes seem impossible.

A fake diploma can actually be the best motivation you can get. Get one and hang it in the workspace where you do your college work to stay motivated. If you ever feel like you're never going to get that degree, just look up for a realistic, visualization of getting to the end of the race.

Success experts always talk about visualization for attaining goals. Getting a fake degree means that you don't even have to visualize. An accurate representation of your future degree will be hanging there for you to look at whenever you need to get yourself in gear and motivated. Think of the day when you finish your degree and get your real diploma. You will be able to replace your fake college diploma with a real one.

You have to use any means necessary to stay charged up and motivated toTitle page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning...Image via Wikipedia reach a goal. This method may be just what you need when you are feeling overworked in your goal to get your degree. It may not be the real thing hanging on your wall right now, but it can be the fuel you need to meet your educational goals.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fake College Diplomas from for High School Reunion Fun

High school is tough. High school class reunions can be downright ugly. Getting together with people you used to go to school with is fun, until the overachievers enter the picture. You know the ones, the guys who got straight A's, or the girls who could do no wrong. They probably went off to some fancy school after graduation and are ready to rub everyone's nose in it at the reunion.

You can stop these guys and girls cold in their tracks by using a fake college degree. Go to your reunion and let the big shots be big shots, when all is said and done, be sure to invite some of your classmates back to your house for a post-party. Of course, you'll have your office or living room covered with the multiple fake college diplomas you ordered in preparation for this moment.

Invite everyone in and sit back to watch the jaws drop as people see your fake diplomas and assume they are the real thing. Make sure the fake college degree you put up is realistic looking though. If you want to fool people, you have to go the extra mile and get quality stuff that looks like the real deal. I think this trick works best when you get several, think three or four, fake degrees. Just make sure the dates line up and don't overlap on your diplomas and you'll finally be the big shot in the eyes of your classmates, instead of the other guys.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fake High School Diploma from ND Center to Replace the Real Thing

There are some documents that mean a lot to people, that you just don't want to lose. For many of us, high school was a special time that we don't want to forget, and graduating was a major milestone. It's not unusual, though, for these kinds of documents to get lost, or ruined over the years. Losing a treasured diploma can be a real drag, but you can replace a lost diploma with a fake high school diploma.

You only use your high school diploma as a reminder and a visual1994 - Carolyn's high-school Graduation - Wood...Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr decoration. The piece of paper on your wall, isn't the accomplishment itself, but simply a reminder. If you've lost yours or it’s been ruined, a fake diploma can serve the exact same purpose.

If you do get a fake high school diploma to replace a lost one, make sure that you don't get one that looks nothing like the original. If you have a friend that went to school with you, they should be able to compare yours to theirs and not notice a difference at all. Sure, most of us could print one out that looked like a diploma, but would it really look like a legitimate diploma? And, most importantly, would it look like your diploma? Probably not. Do yourself a favor and buy a fake diploma that can hold up to the original in terms of looks and quality.

If you're replacing a document that you really care about, it's only right to get one that looks like the original.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Phony Diplomas From ND Center - Just for Laughs

If you like to have a little bit of fun with practical jokes, a phony diploma can be a great prop. There's lots of scenarios you can set up to use a fake diploma for to get lots of laughs. As a practical joker, you know that you have to have reliable, believable props. That’s where getting a realistic looking phony diploma can come in handy to make your practical joke a success.

The problem with most people's jokes or gags is that they shortchange the bit by getting terrible props. If you plan to use any kind of documentation to get a reaction from your victims, you better make sure it looks real. For example, if you got a fake degree that said you finished medical school, and you were going to use it to trick a friend or family member, if the diploma looks bogus, your joke would be dead before you ever got it started.

There may be a sucker born every minute, but if you're using a fake document, like a fake college diploma to fool someone as part of a joke, it had better look legit. People can fall for just about anything, but they can spot a phony certificate a mile away. Take the time to make your practical jokes effective if you want them to go over well. Don't shortchange your gag by trying to type up your own diploma or using a cheap knock off. Get a realistic looking diploma for the best results.

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