Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting the Competitive Edge with a Fake Degree

There are some things in life where you have to bend the rules and do what you can to get a competitive edge. Without going into a dissertation on ethics, you have to make the final decision about how far you'll go, without breaking the law or harming someone, when you use a fake college degree to get a leg up on the competition.

Being prepared with realistic documentation is one of the first things to tend to. If you use a fake college degree that looks like a fake, you will not help your case a bit. If a job is on the line, and the only thing that is going to put you over the edge is your degree, you better make sure that your fake college degree looks 100% legitimate.

You may want to invest in getting some fake transcripts too. You never know when someone will ask for documentation to back up your fake university degree. Phony transcripts can be very helpful, as long as they look like the real thing too. The same rule applies to these documents as applies to the diploma that you use.

() — Free Art license (info)Image via WikipediaA fake university degree may be just the thing you need to win that coveted job, but make sure you use the best looking fakes available. Don't blow your chances by going with documentation that looks fake. The whole point in getting phony documents is to have them look realistic. Anyone can print something up that looks corny, but you need to use the most authentic documentation if you want it to be believed as the real thing.

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