Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do Life Experiences Earn You a Fake Degree?

If you are interested in putting your life experience towards a degree in order to be able to advance in the current industry that you are working in, then you should consider a fake degree online program. These programs look at the life experience that you have had in order to help you to earn a degree based on your current business and what you already know. These are the perfect degrees for someone who has worked for years in an industry and never returned to school because of life circumstances or financial reasons.

You can actually earn your fake degree in nearly every type of major that you would want to consider. One of these is that you can find a fake degree for the major of general studies. Those who choose this degree have worked for years in a variety of positions like working at the local driver’s bureau, courthouse, or school. If someone has worked in the field of medicine as a nurse then an advanced practice nursing degree might be the perfect choice for them.

A business management major might be the right choice for someone who has ran an office successfully or volunteered many years on campaign trails and worked for fundraising organizations. No matter what your personal life experience has been there is sure to be a major out there that you are completely qualified and deserve to have. So, why not get that fake degree and show off all of the hard work that you have put in. Some might say that this is not ethical but others would argue that you put your time and effort into the industry itself rather than a classroom where you were being told about the industry.