Friday, January 21, 2011

Attend Career Fairs with a Novelty Diploma from

Interviews are not the only place you will have a chance to show off your online fake university transcripts from You must be proactive in your job search! With your resume and fake diploma that looks real in hand, consider attending a few career fairs. We have a few tips for you for an optimal career fair experience.

First, before you even attend the fair, consider the various reasons it will be a positive experience. You’ll get the chance to look for a new job or internship. You’ll network. You’ll learn about the various companies and organizations out there. You’ll exercise those valuable communication skills. If you want to go in with a little extra confidence, make sure to bring your fake college degree with you!

Second, do research! Visit the Career Fair website to find out which companies and organizations will attend. Review employer websites to determine which ones you are interested in talking to.

Third, come up with a simple script. Make sure you can talk about your fake college diploma details (your major, some names, etc.). Also be able to say a few short sentences about your past job experiences and why you are right for that company.

Keep your eye on our blog for more steps to utilizing your qualifications in your job search!

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