Thursday, October 1, 2015

Does our education system work?

Anyone who has been through the American education system knows that it is neither perfect, nor is it the perfect solution for every single person. However, there are still people that believe that you are only qualified to do a job if you have a four (or six or eight) year degree. This completely discounts the time and effort that real people have put into learning a trade and climbing the ranks at a company, even without that degree as a springboard. This is one place where a fake degree certificate can come in handy—to recognize those that have succeeded, even without a diploma, or in addition to a real diploma.

Our education system isn’t perfect. One of the biggest ways that it fails is in recognizing the talents and strengths that fall outside of conventional academia or that cannot be readily measured by the kinds of tests and evaluation given in our education system. This means that some people will never get the recognition that they deserve or need in order to feel successful. In this regard, the education system does not work.

However, many driven people find success even without a real degree. For those people a fake diploma certificate can be a great way to some them that their contribution is just as valuable and that what they have to offer is just as important as what other people can offer. A diploma also doesn’t account for all of the skills that a person has, creating another area where a fake degree certificate can make a great novelty gift. People have a range of different talents and the diploma they were initially awarded doesn’t always demonstrate those talents.

A fake diploma certificate can be a great way to show someone else or to prove to yourself that the skills that you have amassed (whatever those skills are) are appreciated! Whether you want to present someone with a serious gift or you want a joke gift that will make them laugh, a fake degree certificate is a great option.

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